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Anti-SPAM Software!

Web Design Co. have developed a highly scalable software to defeat SPAM at its roots!

Basically most of the Anti-SPAM software on the market today simply is not capable to keep-up with overwhelming SPAM sent all over the World. Spammers are getting more creative changing rules every day and every hour.
We felt bad about the situation and decided to go "War" on every spammer out there. We are the Internet users and we should be able to decide how are we going to use our email, not spammers!
Now we could safely post our email address right here on our web page like in good old days when nobody knew what SPAM was all about.
Here is our email address: [email protected]

To see current statistics of our software - send email to: [email protected].
Our home based G5 PowerMac will reply in 5-10 minutes.

Anti-SPAM software works on the client side and cleans 100% of spam so unintended message never reaches the recipient at all.

Our Anti-SPAM Software features:

  • Ease of use
  • Easy Configuration through the Web Interface
  • Remote Management (including overrides) VIA email
  • Automatic Maintenance of the entire software
  • Manual override of any procedures configured
  • Flexible rules of rejecting SPAM
  • Error-free spam detection (no intended letters ever lost)
  • Full MIME support for any attachment files sent to the recipient
  • Support for unlimited number of email accounts
  • Fast and stable procedures
  • Absolute compatibility with client's existing email software

Minimum System Requirements for Anti-SPAM Software:

  • Any UNIX Operating System including Mac OS X
  • Perl 5
  • 16Mb of RAM
  • 33MHz processor

Currently our Anti-SPAM Software is running and was designed on:

  • Apple G5 Single 1.6MHz processor with 2,25Gb RAM, 80Gb EIDE HDD
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.4 "Panther"

If you are interested in setting up this software for your own use or the entire Enterprise - please contact us by clicking on this email address [email protected].

On a personal note from our designers:
    Anti-Spam software is our answer to all spammers out there.
    So far not a single spammer was able to pass through.
    All intended senders were able to communicate.
    We are working on making our software FREE for all Mac OS X users (number of users growing steady).

    Apple Developer Connection

If you are interested in controlling your Web Site from your home Apple (Mac OS X and CGI enabled web server required) - let us know by sending email to [email protected].

Your Mac could verify membership validity as far as valid email addresses of your members, trigger procedures (if you are not allowed to run Daemons on your server), get data from your server databse.

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