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Best tool kits and software for your web site is offered here!
This is just a small portion of the programs we are offering to our clients. Any software can be tailored to your exact specifications. Ready to use or online configurable software presented on this page.

  • Network Tools - Toolkit to troubleshoot your computer network and/or to lookup information like Whois, Ping, Finger, Trace Route, DNS Lookup. It is stand alone program that can be run on any Windows machine even from CD. No installation required.
  • Contact form - configurable Contact form written in Perl. It uses Sendmail program on UNIX/UNIX-like machines.
    Our form will let you pre-configure program according to your Server Specifications and just install the program on your server.
    This program will help you protect your email address from being snatched and make your contact form look professional. You will be ready to use the program in 10 minutes from now!
  • Mac OS X programs Sync - FREE Perl Script that will help you synchronize your programs or files between two Macintosh Computers.
    This script uses rsync and able to sync files between any applications via SSH over the Internet or on a local Network

    Program uses GPL License and provided "AS-IS". Simple setups required to use the program.
    Program also include sample of applescript to get the IP address of your network VIA Mac OS X Mail rules and another Perl script to write IP Address for easy access by the program.
    VPN setup needed for the program to talk to your home Mac over the Internet.

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