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LAK-12 Sailplane pages

Our team has been concentrating on high impact application, in conjunction with development of CGI-driven Web Sites.

The Internet today, has great potential to deliver information and merchandise to customers on-line.
To maximize the Internet potential for our customers, new approaches are taken, resulting in solutions for particular tasks.

Templates and pre formatted applications are a tremendous assistance for small Web Sites, where an individual can build and post Web pages without in depth knowledge of HTML.

If your company requires the sophistication of hundreds of Web Pages with frequent updates, we can help.

Our scripts build and update thousands of HTML Web pages daily, by employing modern CGI technology. This unique technology maintains and updates information, while reducing the workload on individual Web Site owners. For example, complete update for 200 web pages is only limited by the speed of the user's Internet connection and can be done in minutes.

Our expertise in database development, CGI scripting, Java programming, combined with additional advanced applications, continues to assist many busineses in promoting their services and products.

  • Strong Encryption Software
  • Software for sale
  • Safe Web Color Pallette

  • Some of Our Clients:
    CGI Driven Sites:
      Fly MiG Fighters to the Limits!
    • Completely Automatic image processing form adds photo edges, resize, crop and rotate images during submission.
      Submission results in pages here.
    • Honda CRX Si pages. This is our newly developing web Site which will be completely automatic and new features are:
    • CRX Si Web Site
      1. Background color is selectable by visitors and will change on all CGI and HTML pages
      2. When new HTML file added or created automatically, system will automatically create all log references in tracking software
      3. Search Engines are notified of changes automatically by the selectable pattern included within the system for every page
      4. Every page and directory has security flaws notification
      5. Fluid "Keywords" and "Description" fields in META Tags
      6. Referrer logs can be viewed under different angles
      7. HTML builder will check for text formatting (commas, dots etc.) errors and correct them. It'll post links automatically as well.
      8. Many other feature including complete browser and client side software compatibility

    • Long Distance Services
    Plain sites with CGI forms:

    Check out USA National reference script:
    Enter the Telephone Area Code or State Abbreviation: and hit "Enter"

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