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GuestBook Sample
GuestBook Sample GuestBook Sample


GuestBook working Sample

Here you can see how simple it is to make your own Guest Book. Script can create dynamic cgi-driven web page or plain html file and you're in control of the process.

Well, a few things you need to consider prior to setting up scripts on your site:

  1. Where you'll be running your script (UNIX, Win NT)
  2. You have to know your server setup (cgi support, libraries and support programs paths, etc.)
  3. Your knowledge of the cgi programming
(we do not provide any support on setting up our scripts, programs can be used "AS IS").
Here is the source of the cgi file that actually process the GuestBook entry, source of the dynamic guest book script and helper files:
show.pl which shows the preview of submission
top.txt file that used to build the top portion if the guest.htm file.
bottom.txt file that used to build the bottom portion of the guest.htm file.

Sign the GuestBook (sample, but works as a real one)

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