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LAK-12 Sailplane pages

Software for sale.    Anti-SPAM Software
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Domains for Sale - sell your web site or domain name. Automated submission and pages builder program.
Image and Album builder - a FREE program you can use to crop, scale, rotate your images without knowing anything about images.
Private Cipher v1.2 - strong Encryption Software. Evaluation copy and full version available for download.
Encryption tester - our testing grounds for strong encryption protocol we are working on at this time. It is a working smaple with challenge for anybody who is willing to try it.
A $500 cipher challenge for anybody who decrypts the message first.
Working sample of Anonymous FTP/upload form.
Images created with text... The idea was picked up here -> www.design.ru and refined a bit.
Safe Color palette created entirely by our program including the image of the palette on th bottom of the page.
Contact form using the same scripting technology as we use for our customers to provide the most accurate information submitted from the Internet.
Other aspects like submission to the search engines and keeping indexing up to date also covered by our services. The whole site structure made to keep search engine robots come back and register all changes made to every particular page on a regular basis.
Small scripts like Guest Book with cgi or html resulting format or simple mail form with extended features are presented with full cgi source as we feel that it should be available to the web community under the General Public License. Although, proprietary scripts will not be posted with the source visible.
Mac OS X programs Sync - FREE Perl Script that will help you synchronize your programs or files between two Macintosh Computers.
This script uses rsync and able to sync files between any applications via SSH over the Internet or on a local Network

Program uses GPL License and provided "AS-IS". Simple setups required to use the program.
Program also include sample of applescript to get the IP address of your network VIA Mac OS X Mail rules and another Perl script to write IP Address for easy access by the program.
VPN setup needed for the program to talk to your home Mac over the Internet.

Some of Our Clients:
CGI Driven Sites:
  • Fly MiG Fighters to the Limits! Fly MiG Com
    New exciting web site for Jet Fighters lovers! Book your flight on the most advanced Russian fighter jets.
    Site uses a few Perl scripts to build new pages and track visits. The whole layout held in one program and can literally be changed in minutes, affecting all pages.
    We were asked to develop an automatic Mailing List email program. So we did. Program works on the server and no outside services used to forward or handle email traffic. Mailing List program processes all letters and builds database accordingly.
    No templates used on this site and each page is a program so no plain HTML files used even if files have an .htm extension. Programs control users pattern and 98% of spammers blocked automatically.
  • CRX Si Web Site

  • Honda CRX Si pages (currently for sale).
    Web Site is completely automatic and some features are:
    1. Totally automated Image processing includes image re-sizing, thumbnails creation and overlaying Site Logo on final images in real time.
    2. When new HTML file added or created automatically, system will automatically create all log references in tracking software
    3. Search Engines are notified of changes automatically by the selectable pattern included within the system for every page
    4. Every page and directory has security flaws notification
    5. Referrer logs can be viewed under different angles
    6. Many other features including complete browser and client side software compatibility
    7. Commercial Banner Advertisement - hands-free banner advertisement program. Real-time on-line payment procedure and totally unattended subscription.

  • All Poconos.Com - life in Poconos PA.
    All site is running on high speed hashes by Perl scripts. Optimized search engine and full statistics logs.
    Directories expand automatically when new sections added. Central control center to manage all directories.
    Credit Cards and On-line Checks billing structure is built-in to accept payments in real time.
  • GlobalCall - Long Distance Services
    This site uses a lot of scripting while running on a very few scripts. It also uses our own cloaking technology and a lot of custom programming we can not discuss.
  • FREE Classified ADs - Unlimited Categories can be added to the list.
    Automatically updated system. Add/delete any AD that doesn't belong there in one keystroke. Double submission prevention.
  • FREE for All Links - add your Web Site link FREE!
  • GetFREE.Org FREE Services
    Among them:
  • LAK-12.Org CGI driven counters and bottom links
    All links on the bottom controlled by the same script that writes the log files and automatically updates web traffic tracking software as pages added to the web site.
    SSI implemented for all HTML files and all web site can be updated by changing a single file.
    Image Albums - created literally in minutes including images and HTML files.
    St. Petersburgs' Searchable City Map - fun project!
Plain sites with CGI forms: Automatically updated web sites:
Thousands web pages created daily by our scripts. If you have huge number of pictures, database with personal information, anything that requires a lot of manual work - we can make your work much easier!
Area Code to State Reference:
Enter the Area Code: and hit "Enter" to see how this sample form works.
Please bookmark our Page and come back soon.
Thank You!

    We do not keep any information about our visitors other than security logs for our server protection, so if you making any requests, cgi calls or any other submissions - no private information kept other than information requested by the form itself and, once again - information will be submitted to our server only when you've verified it and agreed to do so.
    When you submit your e-mail, we do not log your e-mail address for any reason.

    For obvious reasons we do not disclose here proprietary information as web site security and how it was built. We do discuss security with each and every client to determine how much effort needed to be spent to achieve a desired level of protection.
    We can deliver the highest commercial strength of encryption on data and transactions using BLOWFISH and/or IDEA encryption.

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