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Our Prices

We offer very competitive pricing on any product developed.
Most of our projects are custom made and therefore we would need to see first what needs to be done and than we will come up with the final price for the project.

In general, our prices are:

  • Web Design: according to your request
  • Graphics Design: per picture/banner or per project
  • Web Consulting: Contract or US $60.00/Hr for a single request

Please use our contact form to make a work request.

  • Simple Web Site - US $170.00
  • One Web Page - US $50.00
  • One Web Graphic - from US $20.00 to $60.00
  • Simple Upload file form (i.e. image upload) - US $40.00
  • Simple Submission/contact form - US $50.00
  • Simple Anonymous FTP/upload form - US $60.00
Please contact us to discuss your ideas and have them posted on the Internet as soon as possible.

For example if you need to make a picture album with pictures you supply and already made description for every picture in one file, project would cost you:

  • US $300.00 with your web design
  • US $1200.00 with our web design

  • Number of pictures unlimited but all html pages must be made in one run.
    Only HTML pages and pictures will be sent to you on CD ROM. To get a script that will create pages *small certificate purchase required.

One simple CGI script - US $150.00.
** Small site with CGI scripts (no database) up to 10 pages - US $ 850.00.
US $65.00 charge applied for setting up scripts on your server for any script above this line.

Sites below are the Turn Key Solutions:

  • ** Complete CGI driven web Site with Database Support (no multiple accounts) - US $5,000.00
  • ** Complete CGI driven web Site with Database Support (multiple accounts) - US $7,000.00
  • ** Complete CGI driven web Site with Database Support (multiple accounts + HTML builder for every account) - US $7,500.00

* Small Certificate - US $1,000.00

    Small site certificate valid for one major CGI script that builds your HTML pages or creates your album. Script will be provided to the customer in working condition and open source.
    Script Guaranteed to work on given server only. It can be altered by customer to fit the future needs.

** Full Site Certificate - US $2,000.00

    Full Site Certificate valid for the whole web site created to customer specifications and all rights to use alter/change the CGI Programs granted to the customer with no limitations.
    CGI Programs guaranteed to work in environment requested by customer.

Price you receive will be final but we reserve the right to adjust it later +/- 10%.

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