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This is a sample page to show you applications for image manipulations available on the Internet today!
To simplify the task here we offer upload, crop, resize, border and drop shadow adding and thumbnail creation for your sample images.

You can start by uploading your image using form below. All options in our forms can be customized according to your needs when your order the program for your server.

This program was built with intention to show one the of many applications we have developed. Image manipulation program can be used in many instances. For example if you're running a membership web site and want your members to upload their pictures, but not all of them know how to cut images or they do not have appropriate software for that - they can do it right on your web site.
There is no limit in web applications and you may find some other use for this program. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have regarding this, or any other programs.

Program below is fully functional and can be used for your needs to crop, resize, rotate your images. You can add borders and drop shadows to the same images and save them on your computer hard drive. We do not keep your images unless you specifically give us permission to do so.
Go ahead and give it a try!

Fully functional
Image selected on your computer hard drive will be evaluated by our program and if program recognizes it as a valid image file - image will be processed.
Select JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or any other image on your computer:
Please enter the appropriate Max. width and height for the image to be shown on the Internet.
Our program will automatically enter default 600 X 600 pixels if nothing entered or if you enter values greater than default.
What those values do is if your image came from your digital camera 1200 X 1600 pixels - our program will automatically resize your image to 400 X 600 by default. It seeks the maximum size and keeps aspect ratio when resizing. You can specify Maximum size when you order program for your web site.
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At the same time server will temporary keep the original and if you want to crop your image on the next steps - you would be able to do so.

Max. Width and Height will be global values for the all images you're about to upload.

Max. Image Width:
Max. Image Height:
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