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February 22

Cipher v1.2


Encryption Challenge!
Private Cipher v1.2

Here you can find encrypted text. It is a short phrase.
Challenge is to decrypt it. Blowfish cipher used to encrypt it. Below you will find encryption procedures.

If text is deciphered - prize is $500
Text is a human readable meaningful string of words.

Steps taken to encrypt the text:
  1. Text read and newlines replaced with appropriate substitute strings.
  2. Random encryption key and IV selected and encrypted with Serial Number as a key and portion of S/N used as IV.
  3. Random number of padded characters selected and inserted in the message. Allocation table of random characters built and encrypted with new key and IV.
  4. Another random key and IV selected and encrypted with the second key and IV.
  5. Substitution keys used to replace characters in a message and encrypted with last key and IV.
Essentially two runs of encryption produce two different files but they de-crypted identically.
Encrypted text 1    Encrypted text 2

First winner who decrypts the text gets US$500.00

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