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February 12

Cipher v1.2


Working Encryption Test!

Here you can try our ongoing project to develop strong encryption for private use. Commercial program developed.
Form below uses very simple encryption protocol and we have posted a small challenge for anybody who wants to de-crypt this string:


This is the chunk of numbers that supposed to form one line. You need to decrypt the text including the letters casing. Only keyboard printable characters used in this sample.
For all we know - it may take another Enigma team to decript it but, once again it has about 8 bit encription and key is only 100 characters long. Final product will have a key up to 200Mb long.

You can try our software in the form below. If you will re-load the encryption form on the next page - you will notice that encrypted string has changed but it still be properly de-crypted.
Form currently accepts only letters, numbers and special characters from the keyboard.

Words to encrypt:

String to Decrypt:

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